by Brian Leong

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released May 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Apathy Virginia

Independent Virginian Black Metal

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Track Name: Murder
Contain! Detain!
Chain them up and
Restrain with pain
Obtain their secrets
Open the brain
Erase these memories
Retrain! Obey!
Now enslaved

Murder in the streets
Send a message to those who speak
Display of violence to silence the meek
Obey the powers or feed the machine

Murdered in your sleep
Dissolve the conscience, dispose of their dreams
Flush the surplus, repurpose the need
Burned to ashes we feed the machine

Murder industry
Past expiration a spoiled disease
Recycle flesh into soylent green
Herd the prisoners to feed the machine

Murder industry
Stripped and faceless, conversion complete
Human replacement conjoined at the seams
Another victim to feed the machine

Murder the industry
Break up the endless greed
Tear down those heartless fiends
Turned the tables, it's time to feast
Track Name: Consumed
They shamble onward through the streets
In search of living meat they seek
Our flesh and blood to satisfy
Their everlasting appetite
A horde of festering mass decay
Mouths filled with carrion masticating
Emanating from their breath
The putrid stench of rotten death

Rounded up like mindless drones
The lifeless army marching on
A vile hivemind uncontrolled
Defilers of the living world
Pouring out in endless droves
Spewing sewage to the troughs
Consuming all within their sight
They must convert us to their side

Unopposed their numbers swell
We resist but cannot quell
Seeking shelter far above
To watch apocalypse unfold
How we've come to this, at last
From here we finally understand
The weak compelled to join their ranks
Lining up with arms outstretched

Hear as they come
Tearing at the walls
Here as they swarm
To consume us all

They scramble towards us to feed
Spreading their disease
Track Name: Verdict
I solemnly swear
That if you call me to stand
That I'll tell the whole truth
Without a doubt you'll regret
So help me God!
If I say something wrong
I must confess!
Oh the things that I've witnessed
You will repent!
For that blind bitch Justice

Now if it pleases the court
I would like to present
A piece of unsuppressed evidence
So let me tell you point blank
Your honor I ask
That you consider dismissing the charge
Before this smoking gun
Gets discharged again
Are you not convinced?
To set a precedent
Fine, I got a plea to submit
It was self defense!

Did you think it was worth it to drag me out?
Didn't you think I could tell it was rigged from the start?
Pistols at dawn, à outrance
Ten steps and turn, take your best shot

Cross the sticks, tie me up
Raise the stakes, burn me down
Whip the horse, torn in four
On the block, chop the board
Drop the cord, stoned dead

All it takes is just one shot
To spill a martyr's blood
All it takes is just one drop
To tip the scales about
All it takes is just one thought
To turn a crowd into a riot
All it takes is just one lie
To make them sentence life

Men and women of the jury
Read your verdict if you must
But remember at the first light
It was you who called the shot
So go ahead and grab your muskets
Don't forget to don the mask
As you guide the hand of justice
Delivering vengeance out of lust
While I stand here in amusement
An accuser to the fools
Do beware of those around you
You'll be next in line soon
So I shall invoke my last rights
Please indulge me this request
Let this be my final statement
Take your aim, fire on three!
Track Name: 11:05
Wake up, head out
Punch in, get down
Working all day
To rake in that minimum wage
Go home, back aches
Lay down, wide awake
Waiting all night for the sunrise to come
Start it all over again

The days go on
More of the same
Old shit goes on
Going insane

Burning the flame from the wick of youth
Drawing it closer to blowing the fuse
Dousing the pain with liquor abuse
Drowning your sorrows, nothing to lose
Counting each hour that slowly rolls by
Year after year in the blink of an eye
Day at a time you keep telling yourself
Praying someday that you'll make your way out of this hell

Cash in the check just enough to go on
Chasing the bills til they're gone
Stack up the deck put it down on the house
Waiting to lose it all
Slaving away just to pay off a debt
Nothing to save when you're old
Starving you trade in your name for a bone
While boss fills his pockets with gold

Every day and it's early to rise
Never to get out on time
7:00 AM to 11:05
That ain't four hours
We work til the night

Able and young you were glowing with hope
Dreaming of making it through
Now you've grown old and it's too late to turn
Failure fills up your boots
30 years later the same dead end job
Digging away from the soul
No breaks to have til you're broken in half
Cast off what's left to the hole

5 extra minutes each day on the line
No chance get out on time
Chained up inside til 11:05
No way to live, no way to leave
Run out of luck and you're out on the streets

So it begins
All over again
It never ends
When will this end?