Apathy (Demo)

by Apathy

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released September 6, 2014

Music and Lyrics Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Brian Leong
Logo designed and created by Brian Leong



all rights reserved


Apathy Virginia

Independent Virginian Black Metal

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Track Name: Apathy (Demo)
All day it's the same thing
Always reoccuring

Every step you retrace
Staring blankly in space
Mindlessly you behave
Worked to death like a slave

One by one the days go by, as you release your hold
Counting down each step you fly, spiraling out of control

Surely wasting today
Slowly waiting to die

Sold your soul to the lies
Invested in self despise
Festering thoughts of demise
Questioned purpose of life

Cast away the will to live, disposed by your own hand
Sinking deeper like a treasure, buried beneath the sands

All day it's the same thing
Sick of all the nothing

Using your prophetic gaze
See a systematic waste
Live out your pathetic days
In your apathetic way
Track Name: Wanderer (Demo)
The withered body
Of an old lonely wanderer
Wary from trials that he's faced

His weathered face
Gazes at the sky as he wonders
Weary of this life, he comtemplates

Lost the key
To the gate of dreams
Enduring restless nights, seeking release

Longing for peace
To rest eternally
Entomb his dreary spirit, behind the wall of sleep

Cleansed his eyes
In preparation for the rite
Knowing this final act, he could not repent

Cursed the sky
Disregarding wrong from right
Gnawing at the doors of death, proceeding sans regret

Severing the bonds
Separating from the core
But the way before, rejected his presence, and cast him aside

Forever bound
Determined to pass he vowed
To recover his soul, restoring the essence, and reach the other side

Wandering again
Across the barren wastes
Searching with haste
For the key to undo his fate

Slowly reclaimed
The pieces of undying flame
Holding the fragmented soul
His apparition burning with hope

Piece by piece
He tried to reassemble
But the infernal puzzle
Incurred the wanderer's wrath

This Sisyphean task
In anger he cast it aside
Cursed to wander confined
Unknowing the purpose of life

The withered body
Of an old lonely wanderer
Fatality's irony, lifeless yet alive

His weathered face
Gazes at the sky as he wonders
The eternal futility, of the afterlife
Track Name: Shadow (Demo)
They say that darkness fears the sun but it creates me
They say that light makes evil run but it won't take me
I grow stronger by the day

When you lie down to rest at night, I will embrace you
When sleep falls down upon on your eyes and darkness takes you
Let it claim us both

As the waning light
Descends beneath the sky
My fate, spelled by the stars
To fade into the dark

But when the night recedes
A newborn light succeeds
Against the reborn sun
My reincarnation

With every step that you take, I will remake it
With every attempt to evade, I will retrace it
To you
There's no escaping

I am the sign of life
A sapling in the light
As one we grow and rise
Aging old and ripe

But as we count the years
The final hour draws near
Buried by the sands of time
Alone, just you and I
Track Name: Obsidian Heart (Demo)
Forged in the heart of the crater
The creator looks in dismay
Casts away the mistake
To be erased from memory by
As it passes by
Drenched by the tears of the Earth
The seared flesh turns to ash
As the life begins to end

Obsidian Heart
Shrouded in Darkness
But the Fire inside
Still burns
Oblivion calls
The smoldering embers
Slowly dying
But not yet dead

Lifeless on the surface
A shell black and cold
But if you crack the stone
Blood flows
As a child born without pulse
A body devoid of a soul
Once broken from the mold
It can never again be made whole

Obsidian Heart
Trapped in a carcass
Rotting away as
The hourglass flows
Circadian world
In constant decay
Beating to the rhythm
Of a riderless swing

Alone at the heart of the crater
The creator would finally see
That he indeed had made a mistake
As the forsaken creation was lost
Far beyond reclaim
And the pain was too much to bear
Sharing this fate with the world
Tearing the fabric of time

Causing the Earth to bleed
Weeping out crimson tears
It ruptured, erupting with force
Filling the soul with remorse
Fueling the fire within
Burning his spirit
Splitting the fissure apart
Turning his heart into stone
Track Name: Visions (Demo)
I see a vision distorted
A figure contorted
Beyond comprehension

I gaze into his eyes
To see that they had died
I looked away from the water

I hear a cryptic plea
Chorus of twisted screams
Begging for forgiveness

I press against my ears
No silence would appear
Until I closed my lips at last

Possessed I cannot see
Blinded by the visions
I wander aimlessly

Corrupted by the weak
The echoes of the past
They haunt eternally

I see a million phantoms
Minions in tandem
Mock my sorrow and torment

I hear their degradation
A thundering resonation
I'm swallowed by the torrent

Possessed by demon seed
Lost among the visions
I wander endlessly

A prisoner of my dreams
The remnants of the past
Concealed internally

I placed my hand against the door
But it would not yield
A voice echoed through the walls
"These halls are sealed forever"

I plead for one more chance
A pledge to live without regret
In response it called in jest
"What has passed is in the past"

I walked away in self reflection
Recoginition of my vanity
In agony I wept
And swept away the silence

I sat down by the fountain
Peering over the edge
I gazed into the water
And saw my eyes were dead
Track Name: Keeper (Demo)
Dig a hole
But worried for our souls
Saves us from the grave

Unsheath the sword
But scared of the unknown
Stays us from the blade

Walk the ledge
But fear of the end
Freezes us on the edge

Tie the rope
But hanging by a thread
We pray there's still a chance

The keeper of light, leads the way
Demonstrating in defiance of faith
The path to freedom, a price to pay
The cost of life, a fall from grace

Seek escape
But thoughts of afterlife
Keeps us still alive

Turn to fate
But waiting for the end
Our suffering extends

Relieve the pain
But needles and the drink
Their powers never last

Release your hand
Let go of the past
And fall into the depths

The reaper of souls, lends his gaze
Revealing the path to the immortal plane
Feel his touch, end your days
Let it take the light away

Build a home
Start a journey
Find a reason
Let it go

Lose all hope
Watch it burn
Commit self treason
Free your soul

Dig a hole
Dreaming of the path
Leads us to the grave

Unsheath the sword
Weary of the wrath
We drag along the blade

Walk the ledge
Gravity's strength
Pulls us off the edge

Tie the rope
Hanging by the neck
A smile on our lips
Track Name: Reflections (Demo)
I thought I heard you saying
That you had wanted to leave again

Just last night
I thought I heard you praying
When did you start to believe again

As you slept
Converged on by your demons
They'd reinvoke your fears

As you dreamt
Confronted by your secrets
You woke in sweat and tears

The sun possessed your eyes
Hunted by the light
Trapped within a cage

The whispers in your mind
Haunting like a blight
Feeding on your rage

Grew a nervous tick
To your own image
Lashing at the surface

Threw a vicious fit
Through it with a fist
Leaving me in fragments

Though you left
I couldn't help but follow
Watching closely from afar

Through the glass
Searching for tomorrow
But nothing you foresaw

In the rain
Fending off the voices
My face appeared before your eyes

In the end
Reflecting on your choices
There was no place left to hide

I heard you self conversing
Always craving to be free

Just last night
I heard you contemplating
Having overcome your fears

The pieces on the ground
Within you saw yourself
And found a true escape

Grabbed the broken glass
Bleeding from your hands
Time to relieve the pain

Placed it on the skin
Tracing down the vein
Deeper than the scars

Blood came running warm
Trickling down your arms
Bringing you the darkness