In Somnia

by Apathy

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Apathy Composes Sophisticated Black Metal Poetry Exclusively.


released January 17, 2015

Music and Lyrics Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Brian Leong
Logo designed and created by Brian Leong



all rights reserved


Apathy Virginia

Independent Virginian Black Metal

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Track Name: Drifting
At the edge of the world,
I behold as I gaze into the sea
I see my reflection
A projection of my spirit
Beckoning me to join him
Below the surface
I try to resist his call
But a wave engulfs and drags me out

As I'm lifted, sifted away from sand
As I'm drifting, drifting away from land

Following the current that rips me away
Thrashing helplessly I fade
Race to where the water falls
There's no place to go but down
Close my eyes before I'm gone
What lies beyond I'll never know
For as I braced to plunge
The wind it carried me to the sun

As I'm lifted, whisked across the sky
Still I'm drifting, drifting up high

It brings me face to face
With a golden warm embrace
Assuring me I will be saved
If I should see it rise again
But the vision it begins to fade
The dream it starts to slip away
This sea of stars disintegrates
As I fall into the wake

Staring at the opposite end
Drenched in a sea of regret
Trying not to recollect
The thoughts that flood right through my head
As I lie and contemplate
Presented by the same debate
Shall I stay to see the sun
Or end the night before the dawn
Track Name: Nightmare
Awake in a place unknown
Forsaken, barren, alone
Have I seen this place before
It seems familiar

Look into the golden mirror
Entranced by his cold dead stare
Have I seen your face before
Are you friend, or are you foe

The walls converge
I'm on the verge
of breaking
Claustrophobia sets in

Panic seizes the reins
Pulsing through my veins
It takes control
With a stranglehold

The walls draw near
Pinned against the mirror
And suffocating
As I'm crushed by the weight

But then an icy grip
Rips my soul
Into his realm
Its overwhelming

I emerge in a desolate place
Immersed in time and space
A mist surrounds the way
Amidst this endless maze

Mindlessly navigate
In catatonic state
The labyrinth inside my dreams
To which I'm bound in sleep

Save me
Wake me from this nightmare
Save me
Set me free from my mind

Wandering endlessly
I wonder incessantly
If I can escape the hold
The grasp of this timeless world

Hopelessly fail in my search
Helpless I fall to the earth
Sundered by the jaws of defeat
Surrendering I lie and weep

The seeds of death are sown
Consumed by overgrowth
Entangled with roots ingrained
As one we wilt and wane

But then a light appears
A beacon to purge my fears
The fog that crowds my thoughts
It breaks as the clouds part

Witness the gaze of the sun
Harness the power and run
Away from infernal perdition
A way to eternal salvation

Revived with a second breath
Inspired by newfound strength
Partaking in a marathon
Towards the pantheon

But the journey consumes my life
So weary of chasing the light
I fall to my hands and knees
Into sand as Pheidippides

Crawling across the land
Hauling myself to the end
Look up to behold again
I'm back at the edge of the world

Save me
Wake me from this nightmare
Save me
Set me free

The chariot continues to ride
The fire approaching the tide
As the horizon's infinite plane
Rises to extinguish the flame

With light, all hope was consumed
In darkness the nightmare resumed
Abandoned, displaced in the cold
Freezing my desperate soul

Trapped in a recursive dream
Haunted by recurring themes
A fate that I cannot prevent
His face I'll never forget

The sky turned gray as dust
Revelation that I must
Transcend and escape this land
For a chance to live again

There's only one way out
Of this I have no doubts
With all my fears released
I dive into the sea

Desperately swimming through
The boundless ocean blue
Left many leagues behind
With just one goal in mind

The image of golden light
Forever burned in my eyes
Blinded in search of a cure
For the restlessness that I've endured

At last to no avail
The final ship has sailed
Gasping for one last breath
I sink into the depths

Save me
Wake me from this nightmare
Save me
Set me free
Track Name: Breathe
Track Name: Immobilized
As I'm possessed by sleep
A sense of dread precedes
I try to scream but I can't

Cold sweat rolls down my face
Limbs frozen, trapped in place
Bound by fear I can't

Whispers by my bedside
As shadows rise along the walls
Restrained I lie to watch

With no one here to save me
From my own mental slavery
This self dysfunction
A disruption of my sanity

The conscious mind
By evil eye

The body lies
But still alive

But then the ghastly figure
Crawls from within the mirror
His presence fills the air
With fear

The shades aghast in terror
They cower from his glare
He waves a hand and casts them back
To their realm

Approaching towards me slowly
He reaches forward and he
Beckons me to join him
Once again

I've come realize
The gesture coincides
With a desire to
Save me from this life

Released from the curse
Self control returned
I raise myself and
Set my gaze upon the world

The mark of dawn arrives
The eastern star arises
A signal of the start to
Yet another day

But as I feel the rays
The light inflicts the pain
A realization, conflicted
Once again

I have just one desire
Freedom from this ire
No longer trapped

In Somnia
Track Name: Insomnia
I lay in a place of repose
Solar waves crash over my body
The fire consumes the night
As morning arrives at last
The sight of another day
Rekindling the pain again
The warmth of the golden rays
It drags me away from sleep

Give me the strength to resurge from this
Restlessness that leaves me vanquished
Lend me the power to resist from the
Suffering sustained by my anguish

Give me a mirror so I can perceive the
Ghost that I've become
Allow me to skew the perspective I
Lost in the promise of the rising sun

Give me a bottle to swallow and
Finally drown off my sorrows
Give me a bottle to wash it all
Down along with tomorrow

Adrift in a sea of dreams
Cold waves wash over my body
A shadow consumes the light
Returning to night again
And so ends my final day
Releasing the pain at last
The warmth of my soul escapes
It drags me into the deep