by Apathy

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released June 6, 2015

Music and Lyrics Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Brian Leong
Logo designed and created by Brian Leong



all rights reserved


Apathy Virginia

Independent Virginian Black Metal

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Track Name: At the Mountain of Dreams
He followed the river
He walked with the trees
The goal of his journey
To the source of the stream

Alone he would shiver
Along with the breeze
Chasing the memory
He caught in a dream

There's a place in the sky where the gods lie in slumber
Waiting to be released
They say that they'll grant him the gift of an answer
Awakening them from their sleep

He carried a passion
A burning desire to know
This quest of obsession
Would drive him into the unknown

No rest would he get as he trekked to west
Racing the sun to the peak
Enduring the test for a question of purpose
Hoping to find what he seeks

Standing at the heel of the mountain of dreams
Staring in awe of the feat
Facing the challenge that towered before
Telling himself, it's not as hard as it seems
Track Name: Into the Unknown
He raised his hands up to the sky
As if to praise the the Gods above
Reaching for their blessing now
In case they deemed him worthy

If what legends told were true
The time had come for him to prove
That there indeed exists an
Answer to the age old question

Grasping down against the rock
He starts to scale the treacherous wall
Knowing that if he should fall
The truth would be forever lost

Determination in his eyes
Kept his burning hope alive
Feeling colder as he rises
Inching closer to demise

Climbing on
For countless suns
Far beyond
Into the unknown

Raised himself
Above the clouds
The heavens

Searching for
The holy ones
Seeking out
A purpose

Crying out
An empty sound
"Why were we

No response
He screamed aloud
"Why are we

He threw his hands
Up in disgust
And cursed this

His faith at last
And cast himself
From heaven
Track Name: A Fall from the Sky
Just like Icarus
In his carelessness
Flew too close to her
Lost his wings and burned

Just like Lucifer
In his selfishness
Refused to bow so
He was cast out from the sky to

Fall, falling to the ground
To the surface of the Earth where you belong
The price to pay for seeking out the Gods
Your punishment to contemplate your thoughts

As the landscape grows
Stretching out below
Drawing closer and closer
Till he could smell the flowers

As he hits the ground
Crash against the dirt
His body crushed above
But the soul kept going

On, falling through the ground
To the center of the Earth where you belong
The cost of playing with forbidden knowledge
Banished to this bastion of nothing
Track Name: Through the Inferno
Through the Earth
Beyond the ancient layers over which we stand
Forged by time
A relic of the ages that have since passed
To the core
Crashing through the mantle he arrived at last
His final hour
No living man has ever walked this path

Through the halls
This final destination that we call hell
The Underworld
More of a desolation than the stories told
Not a sound
No pits of fire, no tortured screams from tortured souls
Left alone
The only demons here to haunt him were his own

Through the inferno
Or so he had expected when he first arrived
This hollowed Earth
Turned out to be colder than the winter's night
If this was all
He'd rather have been buried than to be immortal
Or better yet
Preferred to never have been born

Through the end
Just a room with nothing but an empty throne
If God is dead
Then surely out of boredom Satan must have followed
So he sat
Claimed it for a moment to reflect and rest
In this trance
He noticed he was frozen to the throne

Through the course
As if he were a king without an audience
Accused himself
Played the role of jury, judge, and execution
Chained to the wall
Servent of the vices that gripped his mind
A puppet's doll
Master of an empty realm, slave to nothing

Through the quest
The only thing he wanted was to ask a question
Reached too far
Arriving at an answer that he couldn't grasp
Now instead
Given an eternity to ponder what was left
And introspect
Maybe he'd discover something from himself

Through ages of despair
Something had occured to him, a realization
Struggling with his fears
In his judgement, he never really tried to stand

Now pardoned from the chair
The part of him that led him here surrendered as he
Finally prevailed
In this victory the answer he desired was revealed

He made himself a fool
As Suddenly it dawned on him the origin of fate
An obvious conclusion
For what is destiny but that which you choose to create?

No longer enslaved
Now he called himself the master, both God and Satan
In control of his own way
With the power in his hands, he rose to stand
Track Name: To the End
He woke by the river
Surrounded with trees
Tuning his senses
To the sound of the stream

Thoughts of the mountain
He set them at ease
Sat by the water
Finally at peace