by Apathy

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released March 18, 2015

Music and Lyrics Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Brian Leong
Logo designed and created by Brian Leong



all rights reserved


Apathy Virginia

Independent Virginian Black Metal

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Track Name: Rebirth
Rebirth of the sun
Rise and bow

Replanting the soil
Dig and plow

Raising of the crop
Feed and grow

Return of the fall
Reap and sow

Reaper at the door
Calls your name

Recanting your sins
Knocks again

Racing from his hand
No escape

Reaching for your soul
His to claim
Track Name: Dreamer
From the moment of birth
When man first lends his gaze upon the Earth
Closing his eyes in remembrance of the scene
He takes his virgin step into the world of dreams

Crawling through the mist
Trying to discover if its mystery or myth
Has he ever lain his eyes against these wall before?
Or is this just an illusion of grandeur?

Exploring the ruins
He stumbles on a chest adorned with runes
Within he finds a letter to himself
Is this message from the future, past, or now?

Laying on his berth
Upon remembering the days he walked the Earth
Closing his eyes in resemblance of sleep
The ship it sinks into the endless sea of dreams
Track Name: Sapphire Stones
At morning a rooster cries out
It signals the rise of the light bearing fire
Oceans turn blue at the sight
Reflecting the hue of the sapphire sky

A maiden calls at twilight
A message to all as supper arrives
Summer drowns in the skyline
Fading, the shades of her sapphire gown

A child cries through the night
Quenching the thirst of a raging inferno
Slowly the embers subside
Frozen and lifeless his sapphire eyes

An empire burns to the ground
Leaving nothing but ashes and bones
Littered surrounding the throne
Encircling a crown of sapphire stones
Track Name: Seer
Despite the things that he foretold
The seer of fortune could not
Forsee his own demise
A victim of the forces he invited

To take up in himself
That would reveal the secret
Workings of the world
Of which we only sense with Five

From his window day and night
Watching closely as the Sun
Runs from the stars
Outnumbered trillions to one

Out of seven billion
Only he believed the
Prophecies he saw, the rest
Perceived as nothing but a fraud

With each prediction he called right
Every vision proved his sight
More and more, the clueless flocked to
Ask him for advice

He at first obliged
But slowly he began to find
Time and time again
Answering the same old questions

Gathering his strength
He gazed as far as he had
Ever gone before
Piercing through the wall he saw

Nothing at all
All paths converged to naught
Darkness consumed his thoughts
Overcome by knowledge that he sought

Realizing the human insignificance
He couldn't justify his own existence
Burdened by the gift and curse of clairvoyance
Reluctant to accept
He cried out!

Take me!
Take me to a place
I can be free
Free from abusurdity

Raise me!
Raise me to a state
Where I can leave behind the lies
The belief that there's more to life

Finally he found his peace
Enlightened lifted to his feet
No longer did he need to see
The future to be sure

Just as though he were reborn
No more disturbed by what he saw
He failed to notice there a rock
On which he tripped and all went dark
Track Name: Starlit Path
From eternal night
Comes a sea of life
Pouring down like rain

In a circle they
Gathered round and pray
Enlightenment was their aim

Conducting a Mass
As sacrificial lambs
Bursting into flames

Sending out in waves
Consecrated rays
Illuminating the way

The starlit path
Will guide us through future and past
Through space and time we'll pass
As we journey through the vast and endless

Deep within a seed
Virginally conceived
Parasitically ingrained

Safe inside the womb
Nourished well it grew
For some time it remained

Until finally
Stirring in its sleep
It could not be contained

So the child emerged
Completing the birth
In a stellar display

The starlit path
Will tell the tale of life and death
From beginning to the end
As we travel through the infinite
Fabric Of Time

Mother passed away
Into black she fade
Yet she burned in its heart

Through the empty cold
Frozen and alone
How it longed for the warmth

Eons came and went
All the time it spent
Searching out for a cause

Some like him he found
Wandering unbound
Still the child was lost

But when all hope had been forsaken
He came across a light by chance
Drawn towards it he was taken
By it's mesmerizing glance
Suddenly he felt awakened
In many circles did he dance
Finding shelter in this haven
A place to call his home at last

The starlit path
Unveils the grand, cosmic trail
With every second it reveals
And so this story goes on and on
Between the Stars