by Apathy

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In Memoriam Njal Flækjahófur, Nate Dickinson of Cladonia Rangiferina

Dawn to Dusk
Dusk to Dawn
As You Make Your Final Passing
Beyond the Other Side
I Wander Endless Through the Void
Another Ghost of War

I Have Return



released July 1, 2016

Written, recorded, and produced independently by Brian Leong



all rights reserved


Apathy Virginia

Independent Virginian Black Metal

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Track Name: Unbegotten
Spawn of lust
From the fires
The unholy one

As the sun burns
Dawn to dusk
Turning iron
Into rust

Son of God
To the pyre
He the chosen one
Track Name: Lair
Deep within the lair a beast awakens
From its thousand year slumber
Now hunger lures the monster from its cave
Out to lurk among the prey

As the ages pass their fears relax
Through generations they forget
How time obscures the memories of the world
And soon they will regret

In the morning fog a village rises
Obscured by smoke and fire the beast abides
Roaring out to warn of the coming storm
It thunders consuming all within
Leaving nothing left

In the distant sky a cloud of ashes rises
The signal fire draws a warrior's eye
As he scans the disaster's aftermath
And deciding that the beast must be destroyed

The hero rides along the monster's trail
Tracing smell of flesh
He tracks it down into a mountain's cave
To face the mouth of death
Calls within a challenge to the beast
The champion on a quest
Not for glory but vengeance for the dead
A noble cause indeed

From within the lair the beast emerges
Standing tall in answer to the call
Not for hunger but to satisfy the pride
A chance to add one more to the toll

The hero makes his battle with the beast
Clashing back and forth
But it strikes back too powerful, too fast
It lashed away his sword
Defenseless as he chases for the blade
Backed into the corner
In the end it mattered not that he was brave
For this is not his tale

All alone she lies there waiting
Anxiously for his return
Several days go by without a sign
Another victim of the scourge

Knowing that the beast still lurks among
A danger to them all
Solemnly adorning armor of her own
And sharpening her sword
Calling out to find her bravest horse
Off to start a war
No time for mourning, just vengeance on her mind
She rides into night

At the lair of the beast
Dismounting from her steed
She enters with a grudge
Following a lust for blood

As she travels down into the cavern fog
A thundering roar echoes through the walls
Unwavering the warning falls ignored
She marches on fearless and frenzied
The bloodthirst drives her on

Eventually the cavern opens wide
Reaching to the heart
Staring at her from the other side
The slayer of her love
She finds him in the corner of her eye
Enraged she charges blind
Trading blows they stumble back and forth
From dusk to dawn they fought

Exhausted from the battle with the beast
It catches her off guard
Striking clean it rips away her arm
And backs her to the corner
In victory it leans in close to taunt
As she falls atop his corpse
Underneath she finds his broken sword
And slashes at the throat

At morning a dozen had gathered to ride
Seeking the bounty of the beast
But when they returned with full strength
They told of a story that none could believe
The wife of the champion had gone out and
Avenged for her husband's defeat
Through song our hero lives on
Forever in peace
Track Name: Crescent
Reveal your light, oh face of the night sky
What lies concealed by your guise
Will you enlight to guide us
Illuminate the the skyline

Hear my call, oh master of tides
Why do you hide behind your black mask
How we've longed to bask in your light
When you return from the corner of darkness

Crescent of the Moon
Ascend beyond the shadow of the World
Reflection of the Sol
The cycle of rebirth and doom

Revived, Dionysus's vine
Twice born out of Theia's strike
Twin of Apollo, Diana's guide
To slay Adonis and die again

Shine on, oh mirror of morning light
Rise! And eclipse the fire
See that day submits to your path
As you make your final passing

Crescent of the Moon
Descend upon the light of the World
And feast on the Sol
The cycle of rebirth and doom
Track Name: Tempest
All aboard on this journey
To a land abroad never seen before
Where the legends tell tales of glory
Rivers run with gold and drink to cure the old

Clouds ahead in the distance
Sensing dread from the deafening silence
But we sail on valiantly
In defiance of the tempest

Heading straight through the darkness
Far too late to escape it
So we ride against the current
Battered by the relentless torrent

In the eye
We catch a glimpse of that which lies
Beyond the other side

The waves are calm
But the worst is yet to come
As the clouds return

Hanging on by our dear lives
As the winds begin to rise again
Twenty men swept overboard
Claimed its sacrifice, at last storm subsides

Land ahoy! Calls a shipmate
We'd rejoice if not for one thing
While we inch forth desperately
Sinking slowly into the sea

On the shore of foreign waters
We arrive a score left behind
Was it worth it, the cost of life
Is our fortune just to be alive

Now one by one here we gather
All around to start all over
We rebuild, slow but sure
And pray that one day we will return
Track Name: Justified
Objectify the truth
Just to find a contradiction
Rejecting what is real
In jest, defying old traditions
Sentenced to the noose
Injustice is my execution
Ingest the final meal
Just deserts, the fate that I deserve

As I stand here waiting for the tone
Cast away my last chance to atone
Counting down the church bells as they toll
I conjure up my final words

The only ears that hear me are my own
The only voice that tells me what I've known
The only eyes that recognize my world
The only mind that realizes

As I sit upon this oaken throne
Place my head beneath the metal crown
Flip the switch and drown away my thoughts
Erase these memories of the past

As I wander endless through the void
Recollecting pieces of my mind
Every fragment feeds the fire inside
Inspired I begin to write

As I read between these missing lines
Form a message from the hidden signs
Gradually I start to reenlight
Remembering the reason why

As I wake to find my faith restored
Take these chains and break them from the walls
Lift my hands I rise above the world
Shouting down to those below

The only grasp on life I have a hold
The only things I can control
The only reason that makes sense at all
The only time worth living is mine

As I choose to walk this path alone
Leave the past beneath my shadow
Every step comes closer to my return
On the road to rebecoming whole

I rectify the truth
Just to find a confirmation
Detecting false from real
Just in time for a revolution
Pardoned from the noose
Justified, my crimes excused
Testify, appealed
Justice served, the freedom that I've earned
Track Name: Thorns
A rose covered in thorns
An oath, sacred, and sworn
Wrap your hand
Around the stem
Release the blood within

A rose colored thorn
An old sanguine scar
Tears drip from
The painted tip
A stain against the skin

A rose colored shore
A cold bloodied sword
The rivers run
Return to sun
Along the coast of thorns

A rose covered shore
The road, endless, and torn
The widow weeps
Alone she sleeps
Another ghost of war
Track Name: Return
I return at last
From my day of rest
To collect the fruit
Of my creation
But instead I stand
On desecrated lands
Orchards burned to ash
My fortune turned to pillars of sand

In my garden
Once was paradise
Now there's nothing left
But a barren waste
It has fallen sick
Infected by a plague
A task which took me six
Has been undone in just one day

There they spend their lives
Wallowing in shame
Drowning from their sorrows
For tomorrow's refrain
Trapped in a sickening cycle
Sworn to misery's way
Shall I show them mercy
And bring them closer to the end

I reveal myself
On this judgement day
Bow before me now
As I declare your fate
These sacrilegeous acts
Your sins must be repaid
Say your final prayers
The time has come to clean the slate

To the oceans
Bring your waves up high
Wash them from the shores
Drown them with your might
To the mountains
Let your blood run free
Cleanse them with the fire
Send their ashes to the sky

To the wind
Breathe your strongest breath
Rip them from the ground
Spread new seeds to grow
To the Earth
I have return at last
Recover from your wounds
And be reborn again