by Brian Leong

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released September 5, 2015

Music and Lyrics Written, Recorded, and Mixed by Brian Leong
Logo designed and created by Brian Leong



all rights reserved


Apathy Virginia

Independent Virginian Black Metal

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Track Name: Serpent
Golden rings
Separating crimson blood
From black obsidian

Coiled to spring
Striking out with deadly aim
Faster than an arrow

Pierce the skin
Digs its fangs within the flesh
Delivering the venom

Leaving yet another victim
The serpent's deadly kiss

Feel the sting
Inject into your veins
To infect the brain

Crawling towards
The abyss's call
Gasping out
A final moan

Cutting off the flow of blood
Circulation gone

Ripping out the air from lungs
Respiration done

Sheds his skin and slips away
Leave behind the prey

As the body's warmth escapes
From the serpents cold embrace

Feel the grip
Slowly clenching tight
Strips away
The burden of life

Loose the binds
Basking in the light
Free the mind
Just like Eve in Eden

The hungry jaw in preparation
Of the coming feast

Swelling up to stretch the skin
At point of bursting

Satisfied the hunger, ready to
Enter the slumber

Once again to enter the cycle
The serpent's circle
Track Name: Senescence
What is the price of a life?
The bonds depreciating
It's value never rising
Not a very wise investment

Deep inside it breeds besieging
Feasting on your being
Within the cancer finds it hold
Growing uncontrolled

Cell Senescence
Self selective exile
Expired past it's shelf life
The body sentenced to die

It cuts the loss by cashing out
In panic cell stock crashes down
Shell shocked they stand and watch
As the system falls apart

Cell Senescence
Sell the senses
Unsuppressed decay
A fate you can't escape
Track Name: Trilogy
The story
Told in three

Firstborn son
Second one

Bearing the
Burden of

Hear my child
Next in line

Passing dowm
Memories of
A lifetime

This is our
Stain of blood

My father
And my son
We are one

Here we lie
Side by side
Three headstones

Track Name: Essence of Sin
What is the essence of sin?
The hunger claws us from within
An impulse crawling in the skin

Believe in a thing called fate
The actions in this life that we take
Will carry with us to the next

Receiving knowledge from his tree
Deceived by God to believe
That all of sin we inherit from Eve
Instead of a thing inherent

In forming the essence of the soul
The creator imparts a part of himself
Humility, selflessness, and pride
Turn into envy, lust, and vice

Examine the code of morality
The stones chiseled arbitrarily
Passed to us from the gentry
Hell bent to keep us beneath them

The time comes to reach for the key
Unlock the cage and breach the gates
Beyond this state of humanity
From which we will ourselves to free

We learn from those who raise us
Our not so blank slate stained black
In our attempt to wash it
An ankle hangs above the bath

On a quest to find ourselves
Examining our hidden faults
Turn to face what remains of the past
A salted path reminds us

What is the essence of sin?
A tradition of imperfection
It is what makes us human